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YU Suet-ying

Graduated in 1998, she was once in the design field before studying music. She also worked as a music administrator and for RTHK Radio 4 after graduation. Afterwards she devoted herself to teaching, getting the education diploma and switching to teach liberal studies… As you can expect, all the design matters of the group is all handled by ‘Yu-suet.’ She is also the ‘gimmick tester,’ as jokes that can make her laugh continuously for three minutes would only be adopted.

Once she was assigned to buy some fruits, and the total cost was $58. She was thinking to bargain and said to the hawker, ‘How about $60?’

1998年畢業。修讀音樂前曾於設計界大展拳腳,畢業後曾任音樂行政工作,並於香港電台第四台主持音樂節目,後投身教育,取得音樂教育文憑後,又轉而任教通識 … 不難想像,姬聲雅士的所有設計工作(CD封套、海報單張等)均交由「余雪」操刀。愛笑的她在團內也負責「試橋段」,任何不能使她人仰馬翻的過場笑話,均可棄如敝屣。


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