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CHIU Wai-tak

Graduated in 2000 with voice as her major, Chiu is frequently invited to be a soloist and for recordings. ‘Chiu-wai’ is responsible for keeping the budget, making no mistake at all throughout the years. However, she was once unable to find her pants in the backstage just before the performance, and in another time brought two left shoes to the venue, so that she had to ask the venue officer to lend her a pair a shoes to wear…

With dance background and training, Chiu is responsible for the design of staging and dancing steps, so that she had gained her nickname ‘Dancing Tak’!


「趙慧」於姬聲雅士內管理財政,多年來賬目不曾有誤,但卻曾在後台找不到演出褲子,又曾錯帶一對均為左腳的鞋子往演出場地,臨出場前才急忙向素不相識的場地工作人員借鞋 …

舞蹈根底不錯的她也負責設計動作及台位,故她有另一綽號 – 「舞蹈德」!

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