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SIU Tin-chi

Graduated in 2003 and born in Hong Kong, she once moved to Macao and came back to Hong Kong for university, then went to the United States for graduate school and received her master degree. She returned to teach at the Macao Conservatory, and is now residing in Hong Kong. Her nickname is “dop-ku-tsi”, (she doesn’t like it much though…) imitating the sound of a drum set produced by vocal percussion.

Once a part-time model, Siu has a nice camera face, and it is proved by the various TV programs that she is often the one being captured by the cameramen most of the time!

2003 年畢業。生於香港,後移居澳門,又回到香港讀大學,其後赴美升學,取得碩士學位,再回澳門演藝學院任教,其後又定居香港...



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