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TAM Yu-leung

Graduated in 1995 and majoring in voice, Tam then furthered his study in the United Kingdom and received his master degree. Tam was frequently invited as a soloist with different orchestras and choirs.

As a vocalist, Tam is specialized in ‘Volume Education.’ To be more specific, it’s the training of his two big dogs, to keep quiet at midnight and at dawn, in order not to bother his neighbors. However, during performance, Tam always needs the sound operator to tune down his volume, or even to mute his voice, just for the sake of sound balance with other performers on stage.

1995年畢業,主修聲樂。後赴英深造,獲碩士學位,曾 與不同樂團合作,擔任獨唱。

作為聲樂家,譚氏擅長「音量教育」,具體內容為 訓練家中兩頭大狗在夜半及清晨時安靜,以免打擾街坊;但他本人演出時卻常要音控師把其音量調低,甚至靜音,目的都是為免累(台上另外幾位)街坊,諷刺至極。

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