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NG Cheuk-yin

Graduated in 1999, Ng continued his study in Japan after receiving his master degree in CUHK. Ng started to compose since he was a secondary student, writing numerous compositions including Chinese music ensemble, western music ensemble, Chinese and western music ensemble, western and Chinese music ensemble etc. Ng is also brilliant in writing pop songs, his ‘Beneath the Cherry Blossom Tree’ (sung by Hins Cheung) had received numerous prizes in different prize presenting ceremonies.

‘Ng-yin’ had been the artist in residence of a local orchestra, his composing abilities is widely assured. However, his sight-singing skills was a bit behind, as he had often sang Chinese lyrics wrongly, and made ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ as ‘doo-fit, doo-fit, doo-fit…’


「伍言」曾任本地某小交響樂團駐團作曲家,作曲功力備受肯定,但看譜唱歌能力稍差,曾把「美哉逸夫書院」唱成「美咸逸夫書院」,又把“Puff the Magic Dragon”唱成“doo-fit, doo fit, doo fit ...”.

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