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FUNG Kwok-tung

Graduated in 1995, Fung then continued his study in the United States and received his master degree. Fung is now the Local Ambassador of Contemporary A Cappella Society of America, and he is also the founder of the Contemporary A Cappella Society of Hong Kong. ‘Fung-tung’ once learned to sing as a tenor in his secondary school, learning the head resonance; then learned to sing as a bass during university, learning the chest resonance. Since then, he has developed his ‘unique’ kind of resonance, and is now specialized to sing solos with ‘funny character.’

In contrast with ‘Fung-mei,’ ‘Fung-tung’ often reads the scripts or sings the notes wrongly (even if they are written by himself,) and needs help from others.

1995年畢業,後赴美進修,獲碩士學位,現為美國當代無伴奏合唱組織(Contemporary A Cappella Society of America)的地區大使,並有樣學樣地創立了香港當代無伴奏合唱組織(Contemporary A Cappella Society of Hong Kong),被垢病為「偽滿州政府」或「傀儡政權」。


與「鳳眉」相反,逢冬常唱錯音或讀錯稿 — 即使是自己所編寫的,常要勞駕一眾團友打圓場!

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