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PAU Fung-mei

Graduated in 1998, Pau then continued her study in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Now a housewife, she once worked as music administrator and in a record company. ‘Fung-mei’ has a sweet voice, and it is quite unexpectable that she also has great strength. Every time during a trip, you will see her handling the luggage in stations, hotels or airports, while others are taking pictures or having a chat…

Careful and conscientious are some of her best qualities. Throughout the years you can hardly find her reading the scripts (no matter Cantonese, Putonghua or English) or singing the notes wrongly. She is a kind of ‘normal’ person in the group.


「鳳眉」的聲音甜美,很難想像她是一名力大無窮的婦人,每逢到外地演出,不論在車站、機場或酒店,總會見到她在替一眾祇顧喧嘩及拍照的團友把一件件行李搬來搬去 …


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